The Cure Chronicles Podcast

Join us at The Cure Chronicles as we explore the frontier of gene therapy

The Cure Chronicles Podcast

Join us at The Cure Chronicles as we explore the frontier of gene therapy

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Jeff Galvin, CEO

Jeff Galvin is a visionary biotech leader and entrepreneur committed to pioneering revolutionary gene and cell therapies. He is the founder and CEO of American Gene Technologies (AGT), a leading company focused on the development of potential cures for infectious diseases, cancers, and rare genetic disorders. Galvin also established Addimmune, an AGT subsidiary dedicated entirely to pursuing a functional cure for HIV.

Jeff Galvin graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Economics. His career began in Silicon Valley as a software engineer for Hewlett Packard. From HP it was on to Apple, then Blyth Software, then Claris Software, then Argus Software. Galvin’s entrepreneurial spirit quickly emerged, leading him to establish various successful tech startups, even venturing into the medical technology space with a company later acquired by Varian, a prominent manufacturer of cancer therapy equipment. A stint as an angel investor, with interests in real estate and technology, further broadened his experience.

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Dr. Marcus Conant

Dr. Conant is a physician who treated thousands of HIV patients in the early 80s. Dr. Conant shares his journey with Jeff Galvin, CEO of AGT™ and Addimmune, in the inaugural Cure Chronicles episode.

Bobby Cook

Bobby shares his thoughts on what it is to be a man in today’s world. He talks about the Copper Cactus Ranch and why building a community was his happiest accomplishment.

Susan Cole

On this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we welcome Susan Cole – an HIV activist, broadcaster, and writer who has over two decades of experience in advocacy for the rights of people living with HIV. 

Guy Anthony

We feature Guy Anthony, a passionate HIV/AIDS activist, community leader, and writer. Following his HIV diagnosis, Guy has dedicated his life to eradicating the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Deanna Kulpa

In this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we feature Dr. Deanna Kulpa. Dr. Kulpa is an assistant professor at Emory University whose work largely focuses on defining the mechanisms that promote HIV persistence in ART-treated individuals living with HIV.

About Us

The Cure Chronicles delves deep into the stories of those at the forefront of ending HIV. From groundbreaking researchers to the bravest advocates, hear how a future without HIV could look, directly from those leading the way. At Addimmune, we’re not just imagining a world without HIV—we’re creating it. Our cutting-edge gene therapy research aims to offer a cure within our lifetimes, transforming lives around the globe.

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