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Through the power of storytelling, scientific exploration, and deep, meaningful conversations, we dive into the lives of those who are pioneering this journey. From the researchers developing innovative gene therapies to the advocates fighting for change, and the individuals living with HIV who share their inspiring stories of hope and resilience.

Dr. Marcus Conant

Dr. Conant is a physician who treated thousands of HIV patients in the early 80s. Dr. Conant shares his journey with Jeff Galvin, CEO of AGT™ and Addimmune, in the inaugural Cure Chronicles episode.

Bobby Cook

Bobby shares his thoughts on what it is to be a man in today’s world. He talks about the Copper Cactus Ranch and why building a community was his happiest accomplishment.

Susan Cole

On this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we welcome Susan Cole – an HIV activist, broadcaster, and writer who has over two decades of experience in advocacy for the rights of people living with HIV.